Fall 2022-Spring 2023

The Progressive Agenda is a list of seven issue areas and bills that the Progressive Caucus has decided to prioritize pushing for together in the coming months. The bills are as follows:

  1. Intro 549: Banning Solitary Confinement (PA Williams, Rivera)
  2. Intro 632: Prohibiting housing discrimination on the basis of arrest record or criminal history (Powers)
  3. The Public Bank Package (Res 203, Intros 498, 499) (Powers)
  4. Police Transparency: 
    1. Int 256: Use of force incidents involving police department use of a motor vehicle (Hudson)
    2. Int 277: Prohibiting the police department from deploying the strategic response group to a nonviolent protests (Osse)
    3. Int 386: Requiring the police dept to submit reports on complaints of police misconduct (Caban)
    4. Int 538: Requiring the NYPD to report on instances in which an individual denied an officer consent to a search. (Hudson)
    5. Int 586: Requiring NYPD to report on police-civilian investigative encounters. (PA Williams, Aviles)
    6. Intro 360: Abolishing the Gang Database (Rivera / Stevens)
  5. The Zero Waste Package (Intros 244, 274, 275, 280, 281) (Powers, Nurse, Hanif)
  6. Creating Permanently Affordable Housing:
    1. Intro 196: COPA (Rivera)
    2. Intro 637: Disposition of real property of the city (Public Land for Public Good) (Restler)
    3. Int 714: Establishing a Land Bank (Brewer)
  7. Intro 617: Earned Safe and Sick Time Act Expansion for Gig Workers (Hanif)