Progressive Caucus Statement on Eric Garner Case Leak

New York, NY— The New York City Council Progressive Caucus is outraged over the abrupt removal of a New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) employee for leaking the disciplinary record of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo. Officer Pantaleo has yet to receive appropriate disciplinary action after putting Mr. Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold that tragically ended Garner’s life. For almost three years, New York City has been shielding these disciplinary records from public eye, perpetuating the lack of transparency and accountability we have become too familiar with from the NYPD.

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Progressive Caucus Strongly Opposes NYCHA Federal Funding Cuts



New York, NY— The New York City Council’s Progressive Caucus vehemently opposes President Trump’s proposed $35 million cuts in federal aid funding from the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), which represents the largest public housing authority in the country and houses nearly half a million New Yorkers. This is the largest cut NYCHA has seen in five years, and with additional cuts expected to follow, these cuts threaten to destabilize the quality of life of some of our city’s most vulnerable residents. As champions of progressive values in New York City and advocates for New York City’s most vulnerable communities, our members believe every American deserves decent and affordable housing and adequate and quality facilities for public housing tenants remains a top priority for our Caucus. The Progressive Caucus will not stand idly by as the shelter of our city’s most vulnerable residents is destabilized, and will continue to fight on behalf of public housing residents in New York City.

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Progressive Caucus Statement on Ramarley Graham

New York, NY— The New York City Council Progressive Caucus stands with the family of Ramarley Graham to once again demand transparency, accountability, and justice from the NYPD. Five years have passed since Ramarley Graham was killed, and yet his family has still not gotten the answers and justice they deserve. Officer Richard Haste has not been disciplined or terminated from employment, internal trials have not taken place for Sergeant Scott Morris or Officer John McLoughlin, and there has been no transparency related to the scope of the overall investigation. We call on the NYPD to enact disciplinary measures against Officer Haste and immediately schedule the disciplinary trials of Sergeant Morris and Officer McLoughlin. Refusing to do so sends a message that misconduct will be tolerated and is a violation of public trust and safety.

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Progressive Caucus Statement on Arrest of Dreamer Daniel Ramirez

The New York City Council Progressive Caucus condemns the Trump administration’s continual affront to immigrant communities, most recently with the arrest of DACA recipient and DREAMer Daniel Ramierez Medina, who was arrested by ICE agents in the Seattle area and stripped of his DACA protections. We are alarmed and outraged at the President’s erratic and immoral approach to immigration which spreads fear in marginalized immigrant communities, and does not make our country any safer. The NYCC Progressive Caucus recognizes the wide contributions of immigrants to our city and to our nation, and the Caucus has long advocated for rights and protections of New Yorkers who are vulnerable due to documentation status. We urge ICE to free Daniel Ramirez Medina, and urge the Trump administration to cease its attack on immigrant communities. Continue reading “Progressive Caucus Statement on Arrest of Dreamer Daniel Ramirez”

Council Members, Advocates Speaks Out Against President Trump’s Executive Orders

2-2-17-anti-trump-rally-and-presserProgressive Caucus Members, along with other Council Members and advocates, rallied on the steps of City Hall to stand in opposition to President Trump’s regressive executive orders.

On Thursday, February 2, 2017, members of the City Council Progressive Caucus along with other council members and advocates from across the City, rallied on the steps of City Hall in opposition to call on President Trump to end his continual affront to vulnerable communities and threats to cities that protect them. The Caucus members have been present at actions and protests across the city, supporting advocates in rapidly responding to Mr. Trump’s affront on already vulnerable communities. At the rally on Thursday, the Caucus and its partners pledged to stand in solidarity those most affected by President Trump’s executive orders, which include a more aggressive deportation operation, the construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border, and banning the entry of refugees and other migrants from majority-Muslim countries.

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