New York, NY – The Progressive Caucus of New York City Council calls on the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, to immediately resign and face consequences for sexual harassment, assault, and intimidation of multiple women, many of whom were state employees. If there were any doubts remaining about Cuomo’s abhorrent conduct, the independent investigation by the office of Attorney General Letitia James has laid them to rest. There is no room for sexual assault, violence, harassment, and bullying in New York politics. It is abundantly clear that Andrew Cuomo utilized his powerful position to commit acts of sexual violence towards multiple women but he also created a toxic work environment in which such actions were permitted. 

The Caucus also calls on our colleagues in the state assembly to immediately begin impeachment proceedings to remove the Governor from office if he refuses to step down voluntarily. It is in moments like these where the checks and balances created by the state constitution must be exercised to demonstrate that no one is above accountability no matter how powerful the office they hold. 

New York City and state have made a lot of progress in protecting the rights and dignity of the survivors of sexual violence. However, we cannot purport to believe women and support survivors who bravely share their stories publicly if there are no consequences for powerful men who commit these heinous acts. Andrew Cuomo is not only a sexual predator but he has also lost the confidence of New Yorkers to govern effectively. He must resign immediately.


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