It’s been five years since Eric Garner was placed in a fatal chokehold by Officer Pantaleo. Five years in which his family, led by his mother Gwen Carr, and advocates, including Communities for Police Reform and the New York City Progressive Caucus, have repeatedly demanded for justice. Five years in which the Mayor and the NYPD have circumvented accountability. Today’s inaction by the U.S. Department of Justice reflects just the latest injustice in a series of attempts to thwart #JusticeForEricGarner. Although the Mayor and the NYPD Commissioner attempted to kick the can down the road to the DOJ, it’s clear now that only the Mayor and the NYPD commissioner can provide the justice that Garner’s family is asking for. We stand with Eric Garner’s family in demanding that this Administration holds Officer Pantaleo accountable through immediate termination of employment.


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