New York, NY – On Thursday, May 24, 2018, the Progressive, Women, and LGBT Caucuses rallied with Speaker Johnson and Planned Parenthood at City Hall Park to stand against cuts to reproductive health providers. The Trump-Pence administration has announced that it is proposing a new domestic gag rule for Title X recipients that will strip federal funding from any entity that provides or counsels on access to abortion. The Progressive, Women, and LGBT Caucuses of the New York City Council vehemently oppose these and any attacks from the federal government that limit women’s and trans/gender non-conforming people’s right to have choose and have control over their bodies.

“Title X funds allow low-income and uninsured individuals of all genders to access reproductive healthcare, such as STI testing, pregnancy testing, birth control counseling, and hormone therapy. Cutting or redirecting funds from the Title X family planning program will detrimentally impact medically underserved New Yorkers and deprive organizations such as Planned Parenthood from providing critical care. As elected officials, we must stand against the Trump-Pence administration’s plans to attack medically accurate reproductive healthcare and ensure that these critical resources are protected,” said Council Member Diana Ayala, Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus, member of the Women’s Caucus.

“Trump’s latest assault on reproductive choice and access is driven by none other than his cruel contempt for women’s autonomy over their bodies. The Domestic Gag Rule will yield horrific effects on women across the country in desperate need of life-saving family planning services,” said Council Member Margaret S. Chin, Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus and member of the Progressive Caucus. “I’m proud to join Planned Parenthood, New York City Council, and advocates across New York City to rally against this destructive policy and protect comprehensive access to reproductive health care to ensure that every woman can make informed decisions about her health and body.”

“The federal administration’s attacks on women, youth, LGBTQ people and medical profession are cruel and unconscionable. History shows oppressive, undemocratic regimes impose gag rules and withhold medical services. Whether here at home or in U.S. funding for health care overseas, the well-being of individuals should always be the guiding principle, not politically motivated bias,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca, Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus and member of the LGBT Caucus.

“The women of New York City and America are fed up with a President and right-wing extremists that think they can control women and non-conforming people’s right to choose what they do with their bodies – they can not, and will not. These new regulations are akin to federal black mail, and the New York City Council will not sit quietly while health providers have to choose between providing critical medical care and receiving critical funding,” said Council Member Carlina Rivera, Co-Chair of the Women’s Caucus and member of the Progressive Caucus. “Instead of focusing on shutting down quality health care providers, maybe the Trump administration can spend some time actually thinking about how to make health care affordable and accessible to all Americans.”

 “It is a darn shame that in 2018 Donald Trump, Mike Pence and the rest of the Republicans in Congress continue to assault the reproductive rights of American women,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, Co-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. “This new measure stripping Title X recipients of federal funding because of abortion is at best regressive and at worst a punitive action against groups providing these services women need. They should be ashamed of themselves.”

“The Administration’s proposal of a gag rule threatens critical services and is a blatant attack on women,” said Council Member Keith Powers, Vice-Chair of the Progressive Caucus. “This decision would remove funding where women need it most. I am proud to stand with my colleagues in the Progressive Caucus to protect these healthcare services.”

“Planned Parenthood and other health care organizations provide vital health services in my district and across the country. This proposed federal rule puts in jeopardy access to wellness exams, comprehensive contraceptive services, and screenings for cancer and sexually transmitted diseases for both women and men. I join my colleagues in government in condemning this outrageous attack on health care providers and the 4 million Americans who rely on Title X funds for health care they may not otherwise have access to,” said Council Member Debi Rose, member of the Progressive Caucus and the Women’s Caucus.

“Trump’s “gag rule” is an attack on women and on access to sexual and reproductive health care in our communities, and New York City won’t stand for it,” said Council Member Brad Lander, member of the Progressive Caucus. “Every person, regardless of race, income, gender identity or expression should have access to sexual and reproductive health care services, and we will fight as long and as hard as we need to ensure that this remains the case.”

“It seems there is no low the Trump administration will not sink to,” said Council Member Antonio Reynoso, member of the Progressive Caucus. “The City of New York will not stand idly by while Republicans strip critical health care funding from our communities. I am consistently appalled at this administration’s hypocrisy – they seem to have no issue deregulating our environmental protections, civil liberties, and the financial system, yet are completely at ease telling women what they should do with their own bodies. I will always stand with Planned Parenthood and fight for the basic human right of access to healthcare for all.”



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