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New York, NY – Today, Progressive Caucus Member Antonio Reynoso and the Protect Our Places Coalition rallied for the passage of Intro. 245, a bill that would remove non-profit and charitable organizations from the tax lien sale list if they are in they are eligible for, or in the process of securing, a tax-exempt status.

Intro. 245, which received the formal endorsement of the Progressive Caucus, would benefit many of New York City’s most beloved community-based non-profit and charitable organizations. The tax lien sale burdens these organizations with unfair financial hardship, and this legislation would provide them with the necessary information and resources to ensure their continued success in New York City. We strongly encourage our colleagues in the City Council to support this important legislation.

This piece of legislation falls within the Progressive Caucus’ policy platform “Resistance & Progress: 18 Progressive Policies for 2018,” that supports building a more equal economy, supporting our community-based partners, and advocates and working to make New York City a more just and equitable city for all. Through its advocacy and legislative organizing in the Council, the Caucus will actively work towards the passage of Intro. 245 to ensure non-profits and charitable organizations are protected.



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