In a letter to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Mr. Ajit Pai, the Progressive Caucus wrote on behalf of New York City residents to promote and protect net neutrality.

Under the Obama administration, regulations were instituted to keep internet service providers from having the ability to offer faster internet speeds to those companies willing to pay more. The term “net neutrality” supports the idea that the internet should be treated as any other utility, and internet service providers should not be able to give preferential treatment to those companies and consumers that can pay more for it. The Trump administration plans to roll these regulations back.

“We as representatives of America’s largest city recommend maintaining strong net neutrality regulations to preserve what remains of an Open Internet with freely transmitted ideas. We recommend transparent information, preservation of the Internet free speech that has revolutionized our communications and necessary protections, and enforcement from the FCC.

“New York City has enormous diversity and we cannot risk leaving these diverse communities behind as corporations gain yet more power to manipulate the free flow of information and ideas. In order for New York City to remain a hub for innovative start-ups and individuals striving for their piece of the American dream, a Free, Open Internet is a necessity.”

The full letter can be viewed here.


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