The New York City Council Progressive Caucus and allies gathered today on the steps of City Hall to announce their adoption of a new platform of “18 Progressive Policies for 2018” representing crucial campaigns they are fighting for – especially under the current political climate and the regressive era of the Trump administration.

The policy platform represents crucial campaigns to move the city forward, especially under the regressive Trump administration. As Progressives, we will fight for a more equitable and fair city that is safe for vulnerable New Yorkers – and that stands as an example for the rest of the nation: Progressive Caucus Policy Platform “Resistance & Progress: 18 Progressive Policies for 2018” Progressive Caucus Policy Platform “Resistance & Progress: 18 Progressive Policies for 2018”

Resistance and Progress: 18 Progressive Policies for 2018: (1) “Right to Counsel” for Immigrants, (2) Fair Work Week, (3) Economic Democracy through Worker Cooperatives & Day Labor Centers, (4) Living Wage 3.0, (5) Eliminate the Municipal Gender Pay Gap, (6) Invest in Public Housing, (7) Required and Permanent Affordable Housing, (8) Reduce Homelessness, (9) Right to Know Act, (10) Close Rikers, (11) Universal Childcare, (12) End Youth Hunger, (13) Integrate Public Schools and Provide Culturally Responsive Education, (14) After School for All, (15) Free & Strong CUNY, (16) Climate Works for All, (17) MoveNY, and (18) Pre-Citizen Voting. Read the full platform at

Welcoming Council Member Bill Perkins into the Progressive Caucus: In addition to announcing their policy platform, the Caucus welcomed recently-elected Council Member and Former State Senator Bill Perkins as a member of the Caucus. Bill Perkins, was re-elected to the New York City Council in a Special Election on February 14th, 2017. Perkins brings a breadth of experience – having been elected to the Senate in 2006 after previously serving as deputy majority leader on the City Council for eight years, from 1998-2005. The council member was a prime sponsor of the Childhood Lead Paint Poisoning Prevention Act of 2004, and a dedicated affordable housing advocate. He also fought tirelessly to reform public authorities like the MTA, and worked to extend unemployment benefits and to make health care more accessible during his Senate tenure. A lifelong resident of Harlem, Bill Perkins started his political career as a community activist and known for his tenacious and unyielding commitment to serving the community. Full Release.


“Now is the time for New York to step up and be the example for cities across the nation. We need to send the message loud and clear that this is not Trump’s America; it is ours.  I’m proud of the work the Progressive Caucus has done so far, and we will use this policy platform to make our city an even better place for all people to live, learn, and work,” said Council Member Antonio Reynoso, co-chair of the New York City Council’s Progressive Caucus. “In addition, as we go to work on the behalf of all New Yorkers, having a progressive leader like City Council Member Bill Perkins on the team makes us strongly. I warmly welcome him back to the Council and into the Progressive Caucus.”

“In the age of a Trump administration, it is clear that the responsibilities of moving our country in the direction of progress will fall on the shoulders of our cities. Our new policy platform for 2018 is the Progressive Caucus’ pledge that we are up to the challenge. From the fight to protect and create affordable housing to protecting our environment through Climate Works for All, we are prepared to resist regressive federal policies and provide consistent progress for the years to come,” said Council Member Donovan Richards, co-chair of the New York City Council’s Progressive Caucus. “I also enthusiastically welcome Council Member Bill Perkins to the Progressive Caucus. He comes a time when the wellbeing of our communities is at-stake, so I welcome his leadership, experience, and commitment in serving New Yorkers during these hard times.”

“We are setting an ambitious agenda for the next Council and Speaker with 18 big progressive policies that will make New York City a better for all,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, Vice-Chair of Policy, instrumental in developing this platform. “Thank you to Council Members and allies who have helped us to accomplish so much in this term as we set our eyes on what we can do in the next. We welcome Council Member Bill Perkins to the Progressive Caucus, an organization that follows in the steps he set from long before.”

“In these dark times in our country, it is essential that New York City be a beacon for progressivism. As a truly progressive city, we must focus on policies that make for a more equitable economy, increase affordable housing, reform civilian-police relationships, address our climate crisis, provide excellent education for all children, and protect our most vulnerable. I’m proud to have joined my colleagues on the Progressive Caucus in crafting a comprehensive policy platform that resolutely affirms human and worker dignity,” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal (Vice-Chair for Budget Advocacy). “I also welcome Council Member Bill Perkins – who has been leading with progressive values for a long time. His addition to the Progressive Caucus is a welcomed one and we’re excited to continue our fight for a better, fairer city.”


“At a time when local officials must stand up to Trump’s attacks, this platform offers a litmus test for progressive leadership in New York City. We applaud the Progressive Caucus for focusing on concrete ways that the City can protect and expand opportunity for working-class communities of color,” said Javier H. Valdés, Co-Executive Director of Make the Road Action.  “For immigrants and people of color, we are particularly pleased to see the emphasis on passing the Right to Know Act, to re-affirm all of our constitutional rights, and asserting a right to legal counsel for immigrants facing deportation.”

“Our values are progressive values and I am proud to support the Progressive Caucus’s agenda for 2018, which includes plans for critical legislation that will help end the abusive practice of on-call scheduling for retail workers and install Living Wage 3.0 codifying labor harmony into law. The passage of these bills will give workers a fighting chance to live, work and raise a family, and I am confident the Progressive Caucus will deliver for workers across New York City,” said Stuart Appelbaum, President of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, UFWC.

“We are proud to support the New York City Council’s progressive caucus platform,” said 32BJ SEIU President Hector Figueroa. “Important initiatives like the Fair Work Week legislation that will provide important scheduling protections to fast-food workers and other workers across NYC are needed as soon as possible. Fast-food workers are also calling for legislation that will help them form an organization to fight for better jobs and strengthen their communities. 32BJ SEIU strongly supports the progressive caucus platform – they have been at the front line fighting for worker protections and we will continue to work with them on their advocacy for working people during the next year.”

“The Working Families Party is proud to support the Progressive Caucus’s bold agenda for 2018, which includes; expanding voting rights for New Yorkers, passing the Right to Know Act, expanding worker protections, and an expansive climate jobs program. We are looking forward to continue partnering with the Progressive Caucus to deliver for working families across New York City,” said Juan Antigua, NYC political Director, Working Families