New York, NY— The New York City Council Progressive Caucus is disappointed and angered by the repeated lack of transparency and accountability from the NYPD, especially now in regards to the resignation of Officer Richard Haste. Through NYPD policy, an officer in a department trial has a right to respond to the hearing officer’s findings and recommendation prior to the Police Commissioner’s review and imposition of a penalty. Because of this policy, Haste, who was informed of his forthcoming termination, was given the opportunity to resign instead of being fired in disgrace. Without termination, it is possible Haste that could secure a job as a police officer in a different county as he is not prohibited from applying as a resigned officer.

This is just one of many examples of how the NYPD has repeatedly been able to obstruct attempts by the public and by Graham’s family to obtain justice for Graham’s death, due to the interpretation of obscure laws that do not allow for adequate transparency and accountability. It has been five years since Ramarley Graham’s death, and yet internal trials have still not taken place for Sergeant Scott Morris or Officer John McLoughlin, and there has been no transparency related to the scope of the overall investigation. The Caucus stands with the family of Ramarley Graham to once again demand transparency, accountability, and justice from the NYPD, and call on the NYPD to immediately schedule the disciplinary trials of Sergeant Morris and Officer McLoughlin. We also pledge to fight against these ambiguous policies and laws that muddy the responsibility of the NYPD to serve and protect all communities.



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