New York, NY— The New York City Council Progressive Caucus stands with the family of Ramarley Graham to once again demand transparency, accountability, and justice from the NYPD. Five years have passed since Ramarley Graham was killed, and yet his family has still not gotten the answers and justice they deserve. Officer Richard Haste has not been disciplined or terminated from employment, internal trials have not taken place for Sergeant Scott Morris or Officer John McLoughlin, and there has been no transparency related to the scope of the overall investigation. We call on the NYPD to enact disciplinary measures against Officer Haste and immediately schedule the disciplinary trials of Sergeant Morris and Officer McLoughlin. Refusing to do so sends a message that misconduct will be tolerated and is a violation of public trust and safety.

“Ramarley Graham’s family has been fighting for justice for his killing for over five years,” said Antonio Reynoso, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus. “It is time for the NYPD to demonstrate that it will hold officers accountable for their actions and to do this in a public way. We have spoken out about issues with transparency and accountability in the NYPD before, and will continue to do so until these secretive practices change and people in our communities know that justice has been served.”

“For the last five years, Ramarley Graham’s family has been waiting for any semblance of transparency, accountability and justice on behalf of the NYPD, but there has yet to be any repercussions for Officer Richard Haste’s tragic killing of this young man who had his whole life ahead of him,” said Council Member Donovan Richards, co-chair of the Progressive Caucus. “While nothing can bring back a loved one, we are calling on the NYPD to carry out a disciplinary action that shows that the lives of our young minorities are not taken for granted by those who take the oath to protect and serve the citizens of New York City.”

“No family should be made to wait five years for justice,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, Vice Chair for Policy of the Progressive Caucus. “Ramarley’s Graham’s death was avoidable and his family deserves answers now. I stand with Ramarley’s family in demanding more transparency around the actions that led to his death.”

“I wholeheartedly join my colleagues in the Council’s Progressive Caucus in calling on the NYPD to fully update the family of Ramarley Graham and all New Yorkers regarding their investigation of Ramarley’s death. It is essential that the NYPD act in in a transparent and accountable fashion to maintain public trust,” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal, Vice-Chair for Budget Advocacy of the Progressive Caucus.

“The family of Ramarley Graham has suffered for too long and all they seek is justice for the death of their son. It is long overdue. We’ll continue to stand and fight with them until the culpable officers are held accountable and the family receives the closure they deserve,” said Councilman Ritchie Torres.

“Ramarley Graham’s death was a tragedy, and one that could have been avoided. Disciplining all the officers involved including Richard Haste would go a long way to improving accountability in the department. An area where we haven’t seen much change. Accountability allows the community to know that laws and policies apply to everyone, as well provides a better atmosphere for officers doing the best job they can, daily. It is now beyond time, justice has been beyond delayed and now lays squarely with this administration,” said Council Member Jumaane D. Williams

“I am deeply troubled by Ramarley’s killing. No one is above the law and no one can operate with impunity and expect public safety to improve,” said Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. “As an elected official and as the mother of a young African American boy, I stand with Ramarley’s family, and especially with his mother, she deserves answers and a real opportunity at justice.

“Ramarley Graham’s family deserves justice. I stand with them calling for immediate and decisive action based on the well-known and tragic facts of the case,” said Council Member Carlos Menchaca. “Five long years have passed since Ramarley’s senseless death. Each day that passes without full transparency, accountability and justice is another blow to a grieving family and represents further erosion of public trust in the NYPD.”

“Once again, we are reminded that justice is neither swift nor just,” said Council Member Deborah Rose. “Five years later, the Graham family still deserves answers. I call on NYPD to move forward with its standard disciplinary procedure and resolve this case promptly.”

“If New York City is determined to be on the front lines as a leader in the fight to preserve our democratic values under a Trump administration — then we cannot let injustices riddle our own system,” said Council Member Brad Lander. “If we truly believe that Black Lives Matter, we need to enact measures against Officer Haste, Sergeant Morris, and Officer McLoughlin. It’s been five years since NYPD officers gunned down Ramarley Graham in his own home — without a warrant, posing no threat, in front of his grandmother and little brother. It’s been five years and we’re still waiting on answers from NYPD. We must and will stand behind Ramarley Graham’s family as they continue their fight for justice.”

“Truth and transparency are the foundation of justice,” said Council Member Stephen Levin. “Depriving the public of information erodes trust that is not easily recovered. In the tragic case of Ramarley Graham, justice delayed is justice denied.”


PDF version: progressive-caucus-statement-on-ramarley-graham-pdf


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