Members of the City Council Progressive Caucus unite under the charge to create a more just and equal New York. We are concerned that New York State’s continued refusal to fully fund our public schools reinforces a model that leaves children to compete in an uneven playing field.

At the beginning on this term we wrote to Governor Andrew Cuomo; “Allocate CFE Funding: The fair funding formula estimates that students are owed $4.9 billion dollars in school aid and we demand that the state fulfill this obligation.”

We regret that this year we are required to renew our call for $3.9 billion due Statewide. It is our goal to have high-quality public education and youth programs that create opportunities for academic and professional growth. Therefore, we stand in solidarity with the “Ed Walk for CFE” from October 2-11 to address disproportionate funding standing in the way of eliminating the achievement gap in predominantly urban schools.


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