untitled-design-2For Immediate Release: September 14, 2016
Contact: Alana Cantillo, acantillo@council.nyc.gov

New York – The Progressive Caucus calls upon Long Island University’s President Kimberly Cline to end the unconscionable lockout of faculty by Long Island University administration.

There is no apparent logic for this lockout other than the exercise of anti-union animus. President Cline’s decision places at risk students’ education, countless grant dollars, the University’s accreditation and its bond rating.

During the first week of classes, while most classes nominally “met,” qualified instructors were not in attendance. Many students are concerned that their coursework may not meet the requirements of regional or program accreditation. Putting students’ investment of tuition dollars at risk in this way is untenable.

We urge President Cline in the strongest possible terms to end the lockout, return the faculty to their classrooms, and bargain a fair contract.

Update: Long Island University Faculty Federation, Lock Out Over 


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