This week, the City Council approved a landmark bill that will protect workers who serve as caregivers for children, elderly parents and other family members. I. 108A was introduced by Council Member Debi Rose and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer and co-sponsored by the Progressive Caucus in pursuit of combating all forms of discrimination. 

Many workers in New York City juggle work responsibilities while also acting as a caregiver for children or other family members. Under current law, no protections exist in our city to prevent employers from discriminating against workers who are acting in these capacities. This bill will prohibit employment discrimination based on caregiver status—similar to prohibitions against discrimination based on race, religion, and disability. At least 63 cities, towns and counties also prohibit employment practices that target people with family responsibilities.

Many New Yorkers have limited control over their work hours, leaving little margin of error in the event of a family emergency or childcare crisis. Additionally, many workers across our city also care for dependent children, parents and other family members. We believe that no worker should be fired or punished at work for fulfilling these important familial obligations.


NY Daily News, NYC bans employers from discriminating against caregivers


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