New York, NY—This week, Carlos Menchaca, Chair of the Committee on Immigration of the New York City Council, and members of the Progressive Caucus welcomed the Ayotzinapa Caravana 43 to New York City, and to the City Council. The Caravana—a coalition of affected persons, allies, and advocates—is in New York to bring attention to the disappearance of 43 Mexican students in the early fall of 2014. The investigation that followed the kidnappings was widely covered and debated in Mexico, across much of Latin America, and here in New York City.

The Progressive Caucus offered its continuing solidarity with the families and loved ones of the Ayotzinapa 43. Together, the Progressive Caucus and the Caravana 43 hope to highlight the synergies between their struggles for more open government, to reduce violence and seek greater justice for all people—particularly those most burdened by poverty and inaccessibility. Full Release


“There is no doubt that social justice movements here in New York City are intimately tied to places all across the world. That is why the news of the murder of 43 students in Guerrero Mexico was such a shock to so many of us. In New York City, where so many Mexicans from the state of Guerrero have found a home, we felt the mourning in a real and direct way. The level of organizing in New York City in the name of these students and their families—largely led by Guerrero natives–has been incredibly inspiring, and has offered us all the opportunity to call for justice and transparency in Mexico, while raising the voices of those who have suffered locally at the hands of brutality. I will continue to leverage my platform to advocate on behalf of my Mexican brothers and sisters, and to stand in solidarity with my friends, my family and my allies abroad,” said Carlos Menchaca, Chair of Committee on Immigration, New York City Council.

“Our hearts and our solidarity go out to the families of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students,” said Council Member Brad Lander, who attended the meeting. “I have deep respect for the courage they have found to turn their unimaginable grief into organizing – and we support them in their work for transparency, accountability, and justice. Thanks to Basi Alonso in my office for helping to arrange this powerful meeting.”

“The families of the 43 students have experienced an unthinkable tragedy. While nothing can bring the missing back, I’m glad that the Progressive Caucus can help call attention to their quest for justice,” said Co-Chair Council Member Antonio Reynoso.

“The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King aptly stated; ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere’,” said Council Member Richards, Co- Chair to the Progressive Caucus. “Any system of government that turns a blind eye to the abduction of dozens of students is one not worthy of the citizens they are entrusted to protect. I stand in solidarity with the families of Ayotzinapa and my colleagues to demand an end to systems
that turn a blind eye and effectively endorse violence, abduction and other threats to open and democratic society. My thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the 43 missing students in anticipation for long overdue answers.”

“Everyone has the right to justice. It is incredibly courageous for the families of the 43 disappeared Ayotzinapa students to use their deep grief to organize and advocate for accountability in Mexico. I stand with these families and the many Guerrero natives living here in New York City who want answers. Never give up,” said Council Member Daniel Dromm.


El Diario: Caravana 43 busca apoyo de concejales neoyorquinos


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