Members of the NYC Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment joined with working New Yorkers and City Council members in support of the passage of the “Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act,” a bill that will eliminate the unfair and discriminatory use of credit checks by employers in New York City. The coalition of 79 community, labor, civil rights and student organizations have long fought for a ban on employment credit checks, insisting that they are an unjustified, discriminatory barrier to jobs, which disproportionately harm people of color. Progressive Council Members Brad Lander and Deborah Rose re-introduced the bill making it illegal to discriminate against job candidates based on their credit histories. The bill also restricts the use of credit checks for any promotion, demotion, or compensation decisions. Getting more New Yorkers back to work will also help the city and the state to increase economic growth. Full Release


“Credit checks for employment unfairly lock New Yorkers out of jobs,” said Council Member Brad Lander. “So I’m proud that the Council is passing the strongest bill of its kind to end discriminatory employment credit checks. Just this week, we heard from a recently laid-off single mom, worried about finding a new job because of her daughter’s college loans on her credit report. She wrote that this law gives her ‘a new lease on life.’ Thank you to Speaker Mark-Viverito for consistently standing up for the most vulnerable New Yorkers, to Co-Sponsor Debi Rose and Chair Mealy, to my Council colleagues supporting this legislation, and to the de Blasio Administration for working with us to craft a strong, smart piece of legislation. Well-earned credit (and the kind you’d be happy to have anyone know about) also goes to the 70-member organizations of the NYC Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment, including brave individuals who came forward to tell their stories, and who worked so hard to make this day happen.”

“By putting yet another roadblock to employment for people with lower credit, you also make their path to good credit even steeper. Rather than pushing these individuals further down the ladder we should be encouraging them and working with them to ensure that they receive the financial advice they need to get back on their feet,” said Council member Ydanis Rodriguez. “I am incredibly proud of the work the Council has done to ensure that we protect New Yorkers from these invasive checks that have no proven correlation to one’s ability to do the job. Congratulations to Speaker Melissa Mark Viverito, Council member Lander and the advocate coalitions for another success and for again protecting our most vulnerable.”

“With so many New Yorkers out of jobs, a hiring practice that makes obtaining jobs even harder is not economically or socially responsible. This is an unfair practice, as many New Yorkers suffer from bad credit due to unforeseen life circumstances such as medical debt or divorce,” said Council Member Corey Johnson.


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