Council Members in the City Council Progressive Caucus are committed to advancing environmental justice to all communities of New York City and supporting opportunities to execute sustainable policies and renewable practices. Today we join a coalition of over 140 advocacy organizations, business leaders, and many of our colleagues in State government urging Governor Cuomo to reject an environmentally detrimental proposal for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility several miles off the shore of Long Island. 

Liberty Natural Gas, LLC (Liberty) has applied to construct a deep-water LNG port, called Port Ambrose, that would disrupt our local ecosystems, contaminate our natural resources and endanger our public safety. Liberty intends to import volatile LNG to meet an already burgeoning natural gas market. However, with the 2014 Draft NYS Energy Plan predicting a diminishing need for domestic production and the creation of only six permanent jobs on site, these minimal economic benefits do not justify the exorbitant ecological risks. Long term, this permanent facility will damage our air quality and impact our climate (as LNG produces 40% more greenhouse gas emissions than traditional fracking). Similarly, Port Ambrose would be located in a region that could support a wind farm and lessen our carbon footprint rather than increase it. Full Release

UPDATE: This application was vetoed by Governor Cuomo on November 12, 2015.


“Today’s resolution calls on Governor Cuomo to make the decision to promote renewable energy and reject the further proliferation of “natural gas” and other fossil fuels,” said Council Member Donovan Richards, Chair to the Committee on Environmental Protection and Co-Chair to the Progressive Caucus. “A liquefied natural gas port is an unnecessary and dangerous imposition upon coastal communities, marine life and future efforts to develop off shore energy. I proudly stand with my colleague in the council, fellow legislators throughout New York State, environmental advocates and members of the community to call for a complete rejection of this facility.”

“All New Yorkers know that our city is a dense and congested place. That said, we cannot put our limited resources and public safety at risk with a facility that would release concentrated methane into the atmosphere. That would increase the greenhouse effects that led to Superstorm Sandy and make us vulnerable to terrorist attacks,” said Caucus Co-Chair, Council Member Antonio Reynoso. “Liberty gas is not welcome to do business on our shores.”

“The proposed Port Ambrose LNG facility off the coast of Long Island poses a threat to the environment, as well as our own health and safety,” said Council Member Brad Lander. “This project has potential to endanger our beaches, the ocean ecology, and to promote methods of energy production that pose enormous ecological risks, instead of environmentally friendly wind power projects that could be sited at the same location. I stand with my Progressive Caucus colleagues in opposing the Port Ambrose facility and supporting Council Member Donovan Richard’s Resolution 549, calling on Governor Cuomo to do the same.”

“The Port Ambrose deepwater port threatens our residents, our environment, and our natural resources. This would be environmental injustice, and it must be stopped. City and state lawmakers and activists must come together, as we did to successfully advocate for the fracking ban, to oppose Port Ambrose,” said Council Member Ben Kallos.

“We know fracking is terrible for the environment; Port Ambrose would be worse. New York City is committed to reducing our production of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and Port Ambrose would bring us in the opposite direction. I stand firmly with my colleagues in the Progressive Caucus against the Port Ambrose liquefied natural gas facility,” said Council Member Helen Rosenthal.

“Environmentalists across our city, state and nation have spoken: the Port Ambrose Project is anything but what New York needs. The ecology of New Yorks Coastline, still in recovery from Superstorm Sandy doesn’t need another threat that could make that road to recovery even harder to navigate. I praise the recent news that the U.S. Coast Guard and Maritime Administration have put the project on hold. Our voices and concerns have been heard.” said Council member Ydanis Rodriguez

“The Port Ambrose proposal is an unnecessary and environmentally reckless plan that would harm the sustainability of the area, invite new security risks, expose the surrounding ocean beach community to extreme weather events and increase New York’s dependency on natural gas, a dangerous methane-emitting fuel. New York State took a huge step forward by banning high volume hydraulic fracturing. The Governor should secure that progress, veto this proposal and continue to protect New York’s environmental treasures,” said Council Member Mark Levine.


Capital NY: Port Ambrose opponents dominate Council hearing

LI Herald: Port Ambrose faces delay


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