CONTACT: Mary Tek, Coordinator
212-341-9509 /

Progressive Caucus Calls for Swift Passage of Community Safety Act

NEW YORK, NY — The Progressive Caucus fully supports the Community Safety Act, a package of bills prime sponsored by Council Member Jumaane Williams and co-sponsored by the Progressive Caucus and a majority of the City Council. We are excited to hear feedback from the public during this morning’s City Council hearing on the proposed legislation.

The Community Safety Act would address the pressing need for more police accountability in New York City. In recent months, New Yorkers have come together to speak out against the aggressive use of stop, question and frisk, which disproportionately impacts low-income communities of color. The outcry against this tactic, coupled with the recent unwarranted surveillance of Muslim communities, makes it clear that the time for NYPD reform is now.

The Community Safety Act would provide legislative solutions by requiring law enforcement officers to identify themselves, provide notice and obtain consent before searching individuals; prohibiting bias-based profiling; and establishing an independent inspector general focused on the NYPD, a major step towards long-term accountability.

We thank Speaker Christine Quinn for the opportunity to hold hearings on this vital issue, and call for the swift passage of the Community Safety Act.


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