Here’s a sampling of the media coverage from yesterday’s passage of a resolution by the New York City Council opposing corporate personhood. Did we miss any links? Post them in the comments.

The Big Apple Lashes Out over Citizens United Decision, Wall Street Journal

City Council Passes Anti-Corporate Personhood Resolution, Politicker NY

Citizens United Backlash Grows From Cali. to NYC Urging Congress to Overturn Corporate Personhood, Democracy Now!

Council Member Stephen Levin on WBAI Evening News, January 4, 2011

The Fight to End Corporate Personhood Comes to NYC, Dylan Ratigan

City Council: Corporations are not People, Daily Intel

New York City Council Passes Resolution Opposing Corporate Personhood, Huffington Post

New York City Council Denies Corporate Personhood, Daily Kos

New York City Council to Vote on Ending Corporate Personhood, The Raw Story

New York City Takes Aim at Corporate Personhood, Death + Taxes

The Council Tackles Corporate Personhood, Transparency, and the Budget, Gotham Gazette

New York City Council Votes Against Corporate Personhood, Citizens United, truthout


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