Progressives Pass Bill to Support Worker Co-operatives


Wayne Ho, FPWA with Prime Sponsors CMs Rosenthal and Menchaca – Photo by A. Cantillo

Intro. 423 was voted on by the Council today and will require the city to report on the number of city contracts awarded to worker cooperatives and the number of worker cooperatives that received assistance from the Department of Small Business Services (SBS). Worker cooperatives are owned and managed democratically by their employees — in other words, every employee owns an equal share of the business and plays an equal role in the business’ decision-making. Worker cooperatives tend to provide higher wages, better hours, and more job security to workers than other small businesses. Continue reading

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PC and Women’s Caucus host Domestic Violence Briefing


The Progressive Caucus and Women’s Caucus held an informational briefing for Council Members and staff on domestic violence programs and prevention efforts in the city.

With February being National Teen Dating Violence Awareness month, Caucus members welcomed the Mayor’s Office to Combat Domestic Violence along with community partners CONNECT, and Day One  Continue reading

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Update: Waste Equity Bill


The Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management held a hearing on local legislation that will ensure the fair distribution of garbage handling in New York City. Intro. 495 follows through on the City Solid Waste Management Plan’s commitment to ensure relief for communities long overburdened by waste impacts. Currently, nearly three-fourths of all waste handled in NYC is trucked to transfer stations in just three communities – North Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and Southeast Queens. The legislation will require modest reductions in waste handled at truck-based transfer stations in these communities and ensures that no community will be unfairly overburdened in the future by capping the percentage of the City’s waste that can be handled in any one community district.

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Strong Support for Citywide Bus Rapid Transit


The Progressive Caucus of the City Council released a Letter urging the commissioners of DOT and the MTA to prioritize bringing full-featured BRT to New York City because of its unique ability to address a number of critical issues facing low income and communities of color. The Caucus cited inequality of transit access across the city, job-growth in the outer boroughs least well served by the public transit system, as well as patterns of displacement that have further reduced access to faster transit options for lower income families and communities of color.  Continue reading

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City Leaders Rally Against Illegal Hotels Before City Council Oversight Hearing


On January 20, a diverse coalition of elected officials, housing advocates, and tenants rallied against illegal short-term apartment rentals. Illegal hotels pose a grave threat our city’s already limited stock of affordable housing, encourage landlord harassment, and create building-wide security, safety, and nuisance issues that disrupt the quality of life for tenants and illegal renters alike.

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