NYC Council Passes Strongest Employment Credit Check Ban in the Nation


Members of the NYC Coalition to Stop Credit Checks in Employment joined with working New Yorkers and City Council members in support of the passage of the “Stop Credit Discrimination in Employment Act,” a bill that will eliminate the unfair and discriminatory use of credit checks by employers in New York City. Continue reading

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Progressive Caucus Endorses Port Ambrose Veto


Council Members in the City Council Progressive Caucus are committed to advancing environmental justice to all communities of New York City and supporting opportunities to execute sustainable policies and renewable practices. Today we join a coalition of over 140 advocacy organizations, business leaders, and many of our colleagues in State government urging Governor Cuomo to reject an environmentally detrimental proposal for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility several miles off the shore of Long Island.  Continue reading

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Push to Pass Plastic Bag Reduction Bill by Earth Day


A coalition of elected officials, community organizations, civic groups, environmental justice advocates, and students rallied today to pass Intro 209 by April 22.  Speakers cited the harmful effects that plastic bag pollution has on the city’s waterways, storm drains, recycling plants, and wildlife, the millions of dollars the City spends each year to send plastic bag waste to landfills, growing islands of plastic waste in the oceans, and the disproportionate impact of bag waste on low-income communities. Continue reading

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Progressive Caucus Lobbies for Public Education

IMG_0767 Progressive Caucus members from the New York City Council went to Albany to lobby the state Senate and Assembly in opposition of Governor Cuomo’s education agenda.  His agenda will funnel more money to charter schools and provide a tax break for billionaires, which is supported by Senate Republicans.  He also wants to administer high-stakes tests and raise the cap on charter schools.

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Progressive Caucus calls on Governor for Special Prosecutor


New York City council members, the surviving family members of New Yorkers killed by police, and community members called for Governor Cuomo to drop his proposal to appoint a “monitor” and instead immediately issue an executive order for a special prosecutor in killings by police. The Progressive Caucus sent a letter to Governor Cuomo urging him to take immediate action on the special prosecutor.  Continue reading

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